Book Reviews

Zero to One

Notes on Startups or How to build the future

Writers: Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

It is a book for young minds especially for one who wants to start-up. Young minds generate a lot of ideas but don’t know if the idea is good enough or not until we try it. We learn from mistakes but life is short to take every lesson from mistakes. So for a successful idea, this book is a good head start. Book itself clarifies that it doesn’t contain a master formula for the success of a business and none in the world can offer it. This book provides notes and guidelines for successful startups with examples like Facebook, Pay Pal, Amazon.

I find the book worth reading even if I am not so determined to make a start-up. It is unique to get from Zero to One i.e. something from nothing and that is the key to the success of startups. The book takes us from a garage and a small hostel room to the global market. We get to know about the thought of some brilliant minds and their actions for the success of the business. Some statistical data are difficult to understand but it didn’t hamper the gist knowledge of the book. Promising knowledge for one who is up for own start-up and for others it gives a wide view of the global market, important decisions to be made and future of the world.

Notes from the book:

>There is no middle ground: either don’t throw any punches or strike hard and end it quickly.
>Every startup should start with a small market.
>Don’t disrupt, avoid competition as much as possible.
>Victory awaits him who has everything in order-luck, people call it.
>Indefinite optimism seems inherently unsustainable: how can the future get better if no one plans for it?
>People are scared of secrets because they are scared of being wrong. If your goal is to never make a mistake in your life, you shouldn’t look for secrets.
>If you think something hard is impossible, you’ll never start trying to achieve it. Belief in secrets is an effective truth.
>The best startups right are considered slightly less extreme kinds of cults. (Fanatically Right ones).
>Everybody has a product to sell – Everybody.
>The future of strong AI? (Photo)>Paradoxically, the challenge for the entrepreneurs who will create Energy 2.0 is to think small.
>We cannot take for granted that the future will be better, and that means we need to work to create it today.

The conclusion of the book; One of the tasks for today is to find singular ways to create new things that will make the future not just different, but better – to go 0 to 1. The essential first step is to think for yourself. Only by seeing our world anew, as fresh and strange as it was to the ancients who saw it first, can we both re-create it and preserve it for the future.

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