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Trek Guide to Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari

PanchPokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality

Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Elevation: 4100 m

Anish Manandhar


Panch Pokhari lies in the northeastern part of Sindhupalchok district to the north of Nauling and Chyo Chyo hills at an altitude of 4100 m. There exist the five holy ponds giving the place it’s name-Panch Pokhari (meaning Five Ponds). The names of five ponds are SuryaKunda, NaagKunda, SaraswatiKunda, BhairabKunda, and GaneshKunda. These ponds are taken to be the source of origin of the Indrawati river. It is the ninth highest wetland in the world.

(Picture: Scenic view of Panch Pokhari)

Major Attractions

  • There exist five ponds that are filled with water of five different colors.
  • You can have a close-up view of Jugal mountain and wildlife such as snow bear, red panda and snow leopard while various species of rhododendron and herbs are also found here.
  • You can see different species of birds and flowers on the way to Panch Pokhari.
  • Experience rich culture and lifestyle of village people.
  • A huge number of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit here on the day of Janai Purnima (the full moon day in the month of Shrawan). Falls in the month of August.
  • The dance of local Shaman can be seen performed on this specific day.

Things to know

  • There is a possibility that you may suffer from Altitude Sickness. So carry local herbs like onion, ginger, lemon, and garlic along with you and chew slowly when required.
  • There are many leeches on the way so carry salt with you. Apply salt on leech to take it off your skin.
  • Monsoon and cold season are not considered favorable for trekking in this region.

Checkpoints with Details

Day 01 (Kathmandu — Chhumti and Chhumti — Deurali)

If you are in Kathmandu, you can ride a bus from Makalbari bus park which goes directly to Chhumti passing Melamchi. The bus moves at 6 am. Only one bus goes to Chhumti a day. The bus reaches Melamchi around 10:00 am and stops there for half an hour. Narrow, bumpy, village road starts from Melamchi. The bus reaches Chhumti around 5:30 pm. You can choose to stay the night at Chhumti or walk to Deurali on the same day. It takes one hour to walk to Deurali from Chhumti. I suggest reaching Deurali on the same day to save walking time for the next day. There are few hotels at Chhumti and Deurali.

Day 02 (Deurali — Noshyampati)

The second day is a long-distance trek from Deurali to Noshyampati through beautiful forests, rivers, waterfalls, and cowsheds. If you start walking at 7 am you could reach Noshyampati around 4 pm i.e. 9 hours of walk. Remember that there is only one checkpoint between Deurali and Noshyampati i.e. Tupi Danda. And you will be walking up hills. It takes 3 hours to reach Tupi Danda from Deurali. You will not find any house or hotel on the way. So make sure that you carry energy bars and snacks for the way. Better to buy everything at Kathmandu or Melamchi, you will not get any once you have crossed Melamchi.

There are very few hotels at Noshyampati, only 1 or 2 which are mostly seasonal. You may or may not need to carry a sleeping bag. (Better to act as per the suggestion of local people)

Day 03 (Noshyampati — Panch Pokhari)

Enjoy the morning view of sunrise and snowy mountains which turns golden with rising sun from Noshyampati. Then start walking to Panch Pokhari. It takes 3-4 hours to reach Panch Pokhari from Noshyampati. The path is rocky and adventurous. Check if you got altitude sickness before moving from Noshyampati. There is no health post and no other means of transportation.

Enjoy the mesmerizing view of Panch Pokhari and feel the love of nature once you reach the destination. Climb a hill and see all five ponds (Panch Pokhari), it’s beauty. Click photos and shout out loud. There are few hotels at Panch Pokhari which are also seasonal. You can choose to stay at Panch Pokhari or return back to Noshyampati on the same day. I recommend returning back to Noshyampati on the same day.

Day 04 (Noshyampati — Chhumti)

Walking downhill from Noshyampati to Deurali will take around 7-8 hours. Then a 1-hour walk from Deurali to Chhumti.

Day 05 (Chhumti — Kathmandu)

Wake up before 7 am and pack your bags because in a day only one bus leaves Kathmandu from Chhumti at 7:30 am. The bus will travel the same way back to Kathmandu passing through Melamchi.


  • Chhumti : 2000m
  • Deurali : 2200m
  • Tupi Danda: 2300m
  • Noshyampati: 3700m
  • Panch Pokhari: 4100m


Panch Pokhari Vlog

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