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Book Review: Shiva Trilogy

The immortals of Meluha

This is first book I have read by Author Amish. ‘The immortals of Meluha’ is the first book in the Shiva Trilogy series and I am looking forward to reading more. A catchy start for a new series.

The plot is evoking that drag reader back to old India in an amazingly systematic setting. The book is more interesting, as important characters and gods of Hindu culture are introduced in a non-supernal setting (as normal human beings) which is also the core attraction of this book.

For me, I find this book easy to read as it is written in simple Indian English language with Sanskrit words mixed in them. It was easy to find the meaning of those Sanskrit words for me being a reader from eastern civilization. Some parts of the book can get boring because some actions are obvious and plain which can be easily predicted. The book seems to be written in a movie set so it is easier to imagine the plot as a movie with support of descriptions in the book.

I highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy and religious history and also to those who are critique or fan of Hindu religious stories.

The secret of the Nagas

A man driven by a larger reason can reach anywhere.

This is the second book of the Shiva Trilogy series. The real fun of the series is found in this second book. The missing thrill, mystery, suspense, tension, and love in book 1 are found in the 2nd one.

The journey of ordinary barbarian Shiva continues to be a saver of India and destroyer of evil. The plain journey of travel and war turns upside down when Shiva knows that so-called evils are not evil, evil is not to be destroyed but to be found among good ones. Even Asurs (Devils) was not evil but they were just different than Devas (Gods).

I find this book more interesting, my expectations from the Shiva Trilogy meet in this book. 2-3 actions go parallel in the plot that creates suspense and tension. A supportive description of the situation is appreciated. Surely a page-turner.

I need not recommend this book. If one has started the Shiva Trilogy series go for it, you are going to find real enjoyment of reading of the series in it.

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