Facts, Life

Ten things we all know but are worth knowing again

  1. We live once, and one day we will die.life_vs_death_by_trehee.jpg

  2. World is our reflection, how we see ourselves is how we see the world.reflection-photography-34.jpg

  3. Smile is gifted ability, not everyone can smile.smile2.jpeg

  4. Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose.trust.jpg

  5. No matter the consequences true deeds will always satisfy usstand for good

  6. You lose nothing if you are down to earth.down to earth.jpg

  7. Children are innocent, they speak genuine thoughts.Syria-child2.jpg

  8. Compassion to others is relief to self.

    (You surely have experienced that feel after helping others)


  9. One god above allone god.gif

  10. Accepting others is hard but it is the most beautiful thing to do.accepting.png

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