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Happy new Theme 2076: Personalizing the culture

Baisakh 01, 2076B.S.

Do you value your culture, how important is it? The question strike my mind when I was thinking about part of the culture I was following but don’t like following. For instance, I didn’t like visiting temples to pray instead like visiting people to wish them good luck. But every time I pass by any temple, I would instantly go and pray because it was my culture.

So I concluded culture is part of me and it is very important. But it don’t ends here. I follow my culture because I was taught to do so, and it took long practice. I follow the culture and the culture shape me. Knowing this, I decided to personalize my own culture, one step a year.

I have started setting a theme every year since last year. Last year 2075, my theme was ‘Acceptance for change’ and this year it will be ‘Understand the change’. These themes are my seeds for development of personalized culture.

The ‘theme of my year’ is only related to my behavior. Every theme is my personal culture which I will practice for a whole year and embrace for lifetime. Last year’s theme ‘Acceptance for change’ was set to build my behavior for accepting the situation as it is and going with existing truth. All I need to do was observe, listen, feel the situations and come back home to think about it. It developed my ability to think using brain instead by my emotions. I was doing self-reflection. It also helped me develop ability to understand the situations I usually get into, situations I like to be in and I hate to be in. It is helping me to find good place for self without changing or trying to change anything in me or world around me.

I really didn’t know if it worked or not. But few days earlier I sat and reflect my year 2075B.S. I listed following benefits I gain setting theme and planting culture ‘Acceptance for change’ at beginning of year 2075:

  • I am able to accept myself when I am refused by others.
  • I learned to move on during traumatic situations.
  • I got chance to see world from different perspective, before accepting it’s reality.
  • I am able to forgive myself.

Every theme I set is a seed I am going to nourish everyday. New Year comes with new theme; a new seed of culture and I will nourish both plants and grow them within me. This year I will Understand the Change.

This year I am going to look for possibilities. I am going to ask questions along with observation, listening and feeling. Also I need to improve my writing ability. I want to find out best possibility in every thing. For example, I am going to look for shortest way to my home and plant some pretty flowers besides the road. I hope to gain following five things this year with my practice :

  1. Curiosity
  2. Patience
  3. Listening power
  4. Drive for Excellence
  5. Collaboration

My themes are related to change, it is a strong word. Change was before beginning and will be after end. What do you think?

Something is missing. Any suggestions are welcome……

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