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Quotes from the book: The Valkyries

The second mind: mind functioning unconsciously. We can be here and now if we can control our second mind.

Growth of Spirit: discover courage. Know strength and weaknesses. Increase in intuition.

The desert has its laws, and kill those who don’t respect them.

Don’t fight your thoughts. They are stronger than you are. If you want to rid yourself of them, accept them.

Follow your dreams, and take your risks.

The earth produces enough to satisfy needs, but not enough to satisfy greed.

We must believe that the universe doesn’t end at the walls of our room. We must accept the signs, and follow our heart and our dreams.

Our defeats, our dangerous depths, our suppressed hatreds, our moments of weakness and desperation – all are unimportant. One has only to accept a simple fact: Love – of God and of others – shows us the way.

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